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Outdoor Driving Range

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Now Open for the Season

Our Outdoor Golf Range during the summer season is open Monday 9AM to Dusk, Tue-Sun: 7:30AM to Dusk, weather permitting. Improve your golf game and practice at Swing Loose Golf’s outdoor driving range! At our NJ golf driving range, you can drive ball after ball at our outdoor golf range located on the Bell Works Complex.  It’s the ideal location to master the fundamentals of golf and improve your game in a welcoming, laid-back setting. No Appointments Necessary. Join us on a first-come, first-serve basis.


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  • 45 Balls
  • ($11 for Non-Members)


  • 75 Balls
  • ($16 for Non-Members)


  • 100 Balls
  • ($20 for Non-Members)


  • 175 Balls
  • ($29 for Non-Members)
Hitting Stalls
Yards of Open Space
Yellow Circle Rt indoor golf

Perfect Your Golf Swing

Golf is a difficult sport, and the better you are, the more fun you will have.  That is why we opened the outdoor driving range to serve our golf community.  Our driving range is easily accessible to golfers of all ages and skill levels, and our excellent staff is always available to assist you with helpful tips and suggestions. Whether you are a beginner or want to shave more strokes off your scorecard, being able to practice at our outdoor golf range can help you improve your swing.  All the components of a perfect golf swing come together as a result of one action: practice.  Practice as if every swing was on a real golf course and it will get you one step closer to reaching your goals.

300 yards of open space

Swing Loose Indoor Golf is Heading Outdoors

We’ve got the balls, just bring your clubs and perfect your swing!  Choose from any size bucket of balls to help you build a solid golf foundation, enhance your abilities, or just hang with your golf buddies.  This phase of the Swing Loose Golf Driving Range features 32 hitting stalls and 300 yards of open space allowing you to hit a lob wedge through the driver. The range is located in the field directly behind the Bell Works building. We’ve always been your favorite spot for indoor golf simulators and we want our golf driving range to be the same!

Improve Your Golf Skills All Year Long

During inclement weather… Book a Bay for Indoor Golf!

There is no such thing as taking a break when you’re striving for excellence! Thanks to our indoor golf range outfitted with TrackMan 4 technology, you can continue to practice and train during the off-season so that you are prepared to impress by the time March arrives.  With 9 Golf Bays outfitted with TrackMan 4 equipment, you can track your swing, get an in-depth analysis of the entire ball flight, and get immediate feedback to improve your game. Our golf simulators feature a wide variety of renowned golf courses and incredibly realistic golf imagery to make your experience as authentic as being on that course. You can even play your favorite course in daylight or at dusk, just like you would if you were outside on the real course.

Each Bay has everything you need to experience maximum performance and fantastic entertainment. If you work on your golf swing several times each week, the improvements in your swing are endless. Swing Loose Golf makes it easy to improve your skills during the on and off-season so you keep your game at its best all year round!  Click here to book your indoor golfing session today and come join us outside at our New Jersey golf driving range during the playing season.

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