Indoor Golfing Rates & Memberships

Non-Member Rates:
  • $69/hr.  Please note rates are per bay, not per person
  • 1 week advanced booking time


“Swing Loose”–monthly membership



  • $119/month & $125 (one time initiation fee) 
    • This includes 3 hours per month which brings rate down to ~$40/hr   
    • This is a ~$29/hour savings off our non-member rate of $69/hr    
  • $40/hr for each additional hour     
  • Practice/play solo or bring up to 3 players    
  • Rollover up to a total of 24 unused hours (account must be in good standing)    
  • 2-week advanced tee time booking    
  • 30-day advanced notice cancellation   
  • One free golf club fitting


“Swing Loose”–yearly membership


$268 savings (10% off & initiation fee waived) 


  • 36 hours included upfront (3 hrs/mo x 12) 
  • $40 Each additional hour (42% or $29 savings off of non-member rate) 
  • Practice/play solo or bring up to 3 players
  • 2-week advance booking 
  • Rollover up to 24 unused hours upon renewal
  • $125 Initiation fee–WAIVED 
  • ​One free golf club fitting 
BONUS: With a monthly or yearly indoor golf membership, you also receive a discount at our 300-yard outdoor driving range. We supply the full flight balls, and you get some great outdoor practice in! 

Reduce the price from $69 per hour to $40 per hour! With just $119/month and a $125 initiation fee, you can fulfill your golf passion at the very best prices. Or choose our yearly membership of $1,285 for a $268 savings. After 36 hours, bay times will only be $40 an hour, giving you a 42% or $29 savings off of non-member indoor golf rates! 

With either indoor golf membership, you can play solo or bring up to 3 friends. Plus, receive a 2-week advanced tee time booking so you can choose the best tee times available and get a free golf club fitting! 

A golf membership at Swing Loose Golf is a fantastic opportunity to make new friends and connect with individuals who share your interests. You cannot pass up this offer from Swing Loose Golf! Whether you are just learning the game or a seasoned pro, our indoor golf simulator memberships are ideal for your practice sessions.

Start experiencing the benefits of a Swing Loose Golf membership. Listed above is a full breakdown of our indoor golf memberships and rates.

Interested in one of our indoor golf memberships? For more information call us at 732.444.6333 or click here to Join Now!