Meet the Owners

James Fiore meet the owners

James Fiore

As an owner of Swing Loose Indoor Golf, James enjoys the relationships that are formed with their customers and the excitement that comes with building the business. “I feel as if I am a bartender that gets to interact with each person that comes in. We talk about everything from golf, family, or just everyday life.”

James leverages his management, sales, and social skills to energize their client base and rebrand the sport of golf to be accessible all yearlong at their facility. James has worked in the financial services industry for the past 28 years in various capacities. His focus has been on the equity execution and sales platforms. He has worked both as a Sales Trader and Floor Broker on the NYSE for over 15 years. Presently, he runs the Equity Trading desk and is a principal for his current firm. He currently resides in Colts Neck, NJ with his wife, Jennifer, and their three children—Isabella, Cienna, and Lucas. He has been playing golf on and off for 20+ years and is still working on correcting his slice.

Peter Myers meet the owners

Peter Myers

Pete started playing golf way too late in life, but once he started, he was hooked. Working as a CPA in Manhattan while starting a family, there was simply no time to work on his game. Indoor golf, however, afforded him the opportunity to play 18 holes in 45 minutes. Problem solved. Since his first indoor experience in 2006, the technology has improved 10-fold.

Now Pete and James have created a venue for all golfers, from beginners to the highly skilled, to play, practice, and enjoy the game of golf 365 days a year. He now calls Swing Loose his home away from home, overseeing the daily operations in pursuit of growing their business and helping customers enjoy the wonderful game of golf. No doubt you will hear him yelling loudly, cheering on the patron’s great shots, or repeatedly sharing the secret to playing great golf: swing loose, swing often.  Pete currently resides in East Brunswick with his wife, Michele, and their four children – Joe, Sam, Tom, and Charlie. He has been playing golf off and on for twenty years and is keen to conquer those long irons.