Playing a full round of golf requires that players carry a lot of equipment! Unless you have a caddy, you’ll want to pick out the right type of golf bag to suit your needs and make your life a lot easier.

One thing we love about our indoor golf bays or outdoor driving range is that it makes it easy to grab your favorite club and hit a few balls versus a full 18 holes! AKA no golf bag needed! With our TrackMan simulator, advanced technology tracks multiple data points about every swing so you receive the most accurate feedback to take out on the course.

But, when it comes to hitting the links, you’ll need the right golf bag for the job. Choose the right type of golf bag you need is based on your playing style and preferences

There are different options based on how often you play, how many clubs you have, and your overall experience level. Here are the five most common types of golf bags so you can decide which is right for you.

Set of golf clubs overlooking the green

Different Types of Golf Bags

1. Cart Bags

You guessed it – a cart bag is designed for someone who prefers to ride a golf cart around the course. If you have any mobility restrictions, golf carts will  help you keep playing the game you love, and these bags are perfectly fitted for them.

They are generally larger and heavier than other types of golf bags, offering ample storage space for clubs, accessories, and personal items, but that is because you need not worry about carrying the weight of them around 18 holes.

Cart bags typically feature multiple pockets, including specialized compartments for valuables, apparel, and beverages. One significant advantage of cart bags is that they offer easy access to clubs during play since they remain securely strapped to the cart.

2. Tour Bags

Tour or staff bags are one of the most popular types of golf bags because they’re the ones used by the pros. When you see Callaway golf bags or Titleist golf bags on TV, these are tour bags that the caddies carry around for the pros.

This type of bag can weigh up to ten pounds and can carry pretty much everything you’d ever need on the course.

Because these bags are commonly used by professional golfers and caddies during tournaments, they have all the bells and whistles. Tour bags feature generous storage space, allowing players to carry a full set of clubs, extra equipment, and personal items.

They often come with premium materials, including leather, and are customizable with players’ names and sponsors’ logos. Due to their size and weight, tour bags are generally not suitable for regular everyday Joe golfers who walk the course. They are better suited for players who have a caddy or use a golf cart.

3. Travel Bags

If you want to hit Pebble Beach and other amazing golf courses around the world, a Travel Golf Bag might be the best choice for you. They come with extra padding and reinforced areas to help prevent your clubs from getting damaged during shipping. The travel bag also features wheels which can make it easier to carry the bag around the airport.

Some models offer additional features such as internal straps to secure the clubs and extra compartments for shoes and accessories.

Whether you’re traveling by car, plane, or train, a travel bag is essential to safeguard your expensive golf clubs and ensure they arrive in pristine condition. If you can’t make it to St. Andrew’s you can always book a bay and experience the course on our Trackman simulator!

4. Carry Bags

Man putting his golf clubs in a car trunk

An old school option, a carry bag is a type of golf bag designed for you to carry around the course. If you don’t know how to carry a golf bag properly, these come with two straps so you can throw them over your shoulders similar to a backpack. The weight is evenly dispersed between both shoulders to ease the load.

Because of their portability, these bags usually feature fewer pockets and storage compartments so they are better for the occasional golfer.

While you can pick up a new model, you can often find some vintage carry golf bags out and about that provide that old school look and feel.

5. Stand Bags

Stand bags combine the portability of carry bags with the convenience of a built-in stand. These bags feature retractable legs that allow them to stand upright on the ground, providing easy access to clubs without the need to lay the bag down.

Stand bags are lightweight and often come with comfortable straps for easy carrying too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we frequently get asked about different types of golf bags.

How to set up a golf bag?

The way you set up your golf bag is your personal preference but it’s generally recommended to go in descending order. Start with your driver and end with your putter. This allows for easy access to each club during play.

What is a caddy bag?

A caddy bag is also known as a pencil bag or a Sunday bag and is designed for golfers who only carry their most essential clubs during a round. The larger bag will stay in the cart and the caddy will carry this bag around to offer your clubs during a single round. We offer these Sunday Bags for purchase at Swing Loose. Pick your color here, and go home with one next time you stop in.

What is a standard golf bag?

A standard golf bag is a versatile,all-purpose bag that is suitable for most golfers. It is designed to be carried or used on a golf cart, providing a balance between portability and storage capacity.

Standard golf bags often have a double strap system for comfortable carrying and multiple pockets for storing clubs, balls, apparel, and accessories.

Bag It Up!

Choosing the right type of golf bag for your game is important whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been golfing for decades. Each bag offers its own advantages and disadvantages based on your playing preferences.

Understanding the differences between these golf bag types will help you make an informed decision and enhance your overall golfing experience.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your game during the offseason, why not try out an indoor golf league? Our TrackMan simulator uses dual-radar technology to analyze each shot so you can enhance your skills and show off to your friends! Sign up today!