Indoor TrackMan Golf Simulator Experience

If you’re ready to see your golf game improve in real time, TrackMan’s golf simulator is your solution. When you book a bay at Swing Loose Golf you’ll take advantage of TrackMan’s golf simulator technology and software to provide an experience that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible. 

At Swing Loose Golf, we outfit our 9 golf bays with TrackMan 4 equipment, which includes dual-radar technology and a camera for the most accurate data on your swing. The TrackMan simulator has transformed the game of golf, allowing you to enhance your skills at an incredible rate. It is the ideal choice for practice and training.

Our indoor golf simulator located in the Bell Works complex combines optimum performance and entertainment. It is the recognized leader in the golf industry for accuracy, dependability, and ease of use. TrackMan 4 is utilized by top professionals all over the world and we make it easy to book a bay and try it out for yourself.

People At Golf Lounge - Swing Loose Golf

TrackMan’s Full Golf Simulator

TrackMan’s golf simulator provides users with technology and data they can count on. 

TrackMan’s main features include: 

  • Track Your Swing to Improve your Game: The radar system monitors everything the club does before, during, and after impact. 
  • Game Analysis: TrackMan analyzes the entire ball flight, from launch to landing. Whether you are using your putter, pitching wedge, or driver, it evaluates all aspects of both club and ball data.  See instant data and visual feedback including–y launch direction, face angle, speed, distance and much more. 
  • Courses: With 180+ golf courses to choose from, you can play on a course you never thought you would  be able to visit.

The TrackMan Experience 

The TrackMan golf simulator is so realistic that you’ll forget you’re even inside. It employs drone mapping to generate real courses in exquisite detail with exceptionally high-definition graphics.

Every training session, every hole you play, and every tournament you have with your friends will feel as though you are out on the course… it’s all faithful to the protocol of the game. 

Play on world-famous golf courses that appear in stunning detail. The gameplay is incredibly smooth, and all of your club and ball statistics are shown with exact precision.

Incredible Realism

The TrackMan course library offers exceptionally realistic golf imagery. Are you dreaming of playing at St. Andrews? Pebble Beach? Sea Island Plantation? While you play you can see your ball flight, yardage, and other key data.

With the TrackMan golf simulator, you can play in either daylight or evening light settings to recreate the unique ambiance of the actual courses.

Practice makes perfect, and the TrackMan golf simulator provides you with all the tools and data you need to up your golf game to the next level.

Instant Feedback 

TrackMan 4 captures all of your shots in real-time, providing you with instant feedback to improve your game. TrackMan’s golf simulator offers an outline of your data and analysis and shows you a video of your swing on a single screen.  

In addition, you can easily select and compare your swing with videos of professional players. With all of this information at your fingertips, you can quickly improve your golf game in no time.

Think you Know What a Golf Simulator Can Do?

There’s a million reasons to come book a bay and try out the Trackman system. Here’s a few of our favorite reasons to take the greatest game indoors: 

  • Don’t let the rain stop you from elevating your game. A golf simulator allows you to play in any weather condition – rain or shine.
  • Never worry about your hectic schedule or missing your tee time when you book one of our golf simulator bays. You can play golf at any time of the day without feeling judged or rushed.

Improve your skills in the off-season. No such thing as time off when you’re trying to be the best! Position yourself for success on the course the following season.

Swing Loose, Swing Often!

Imagine how well you will improve if you practice multiple times a week. We make it easy.  When you rent a private bay or book a golf lesson with one of our world-class instructors, you will be greeted with concierge-style service and shown to your TrackMan-equipped simulator bay. You can also rent our space for your next team building event or party! 

We ensure that all customers understand how to use TrackMan’s technology so they can benefit from the world’s most accurate indoor golf simulator. Our combination of private and communal bays adds to the party-type atmosphere that optimizes your experience. 

Your dream golf simulator is waiting for you. Book your indoor golfing session today!