Female golfers on the fairway

Attention, women golfers! Sometimes the golf industry can feel like a men’s club,but half of our members at Swing Loose Golf are ladies. One of our goals as a company is to ensure that the sport is approachable to ALL. So this is not just for the beginners, but all golfers– we want you to have all the tips, tricks and info to feel confident on and off the course.

If you tend to overthink, as we do on a daily basis, choosing the perfect clothing that allows you to look good while still performing your best can be a challenge – and that can change whether you are on a prestigious golf course or just hanging out with friends during an indoor golf session or a league game at Swing Loose.

We understand the dilemma. You want to make a statement with your golf dress code, but not at the expense of your swing.
So, let’s explore what some of our members say is the winning formula that’ll have you looking sharp and playing like a pro. We’ll explore traditional golf course attire and what to expect in an indoor golf setting too.

What is Appropriate Golf Attire on the Golf Course?

First, The Do’s

First, check the dress code at the golf course that you will be playing.. Nothing is worse than choosing attire that is not approved.. We have some good, general tips to keep in mind, but we want you to be prepared so your outfit isn’t on your mind when you’re on the nines.

We suggest embracing moisture-wicking fabrics. You’ll stay cool and comfy during the game thanks to lightweight and breathable materials. No one wants to feel sticky and sweaty on the course and this material will be your best friend!

Next, collared shirts are a must. There’s a reason you see all the golfers wear collars on TV; it’s almost required. They not only add a touch of elegance to your golf ensemble, but when combined with the moisture-wicking fabric, they don’t restrict your range of motion. Opt for stylish polo shirts made of performance fabrics that allow you to swing with ease while maintaining a polished look.

And let’s talk about color! Get bold! It’s time to break away from the sea of neutrals and introduce bold colors and patterns into your golf wardrobe. Why settle for boring when you can showcase your personality and make a statement?

Picture yourself teeing off in vibrant hues or striking patterns that catch the eye of your fellow golfers. Memorable? Absolutely!

Now For The Don’ts

Let’s discuss what to avoid when it comes to golf clothes. First and foremost, leave your jeans at home. While they might be comfy for a casual day out, they are generally considered too casual for golf, and they’ll make you sweaty real quick. Instead, opt for golf-specific pants and strike the perfect balance between comfort and style.

Another don’t on the list includes T-shirts and tank tops. Golf courses have an air of formality, and it’s important to respect that. Leave the sleeveless tops behind and opt for collared shirts that exude elegance while keeping you cool.

Lastly, say no to flip-flops. Golf courses require proper footwear to ensure your safety and maintain the condition of the greens. Instead, invest in golf footwear that offers the right balance of comfort, support, and traction. Your feet will thank you, and you’ll feel more grounded during each swing.

Looking for Something a Little Different?

We all know that ladies have more options when it comes to clothing than the dudes. So, why not break the pants norm with style and confidence on the golf course.

If tennis gets skirts, we can too! Try golf skirts or skorts for comfort, flexibility, and a feminine touch. Word to the wise here, make sure that your skirt isn’t too short, or just opt for a skort – let your golf game do the flashing on the golf course…We may, or may not be, speaking from experience….let’s move on.

Let’s Talk Other Golf Course Outfit FAQs!
Tennis Shoes on the Green? Yay, or Nay?

Yes, you can! Tennis shoes are accepted on some courses. However, it’s worth considering the damage you might be doing to the turf by not wearing the correct footwear. Besides, golf shoes offer style, cushioning, and support. Golfers will experience superior traction, stability, comfort, and flexibility. And, the golf club will love you!

What to Wear to a Golf Tournament

We hope the above info has allowed you to test out a few options and you now have a favorite golf outfit, because one of the most important factors about playing a tournament is comfort. The heat is on and we want you to focus on best performance and knowing that your outfit performs just as well.

Wearing suitable golf clothing is a must. Again, being on a golf course can be a little stuffy because it’s a professional, elegant place!

What Hand to Wear a Golf Glove?

Should you? Shouldn’t you? You can choose to wear a hand glove when you golf or not but here’s our rule. The rule of thumb is to wear the golf glove on your lead hand. This way you’ll have a better grip.

If you swing right-handed, then wear it on your left hand. Left-handed swing, wear it on your right.
It helps you control the club while allowing your dominant hand to have direct contact. Better grip, smoother swing!

What Do Women Wear to Indoor Golf?

Okay, so all the rules we just mentioned can – sort of – go out the window when you visit us at Swing Loose! We encourage all our members and non-members to keep the spirit of golf when they book an indoor TrackMan session with us, but we are a lot more relaxed with the dress code. For example, you don’t have to worry about rain or heat with our indoor sessions, so jeans aren’t a big deal.

Woman golfer hitting the ball

But remember, golf attire is all about finding the perfect balance between comfort, style, (and adherence to club etiquette), and we can call an indoor session clothes practice too. If you are coming to practice for an outdoor golf course, consider this a good chance to test out the performance of your clothes and see how they fit and feel as you test and practice your swing.

So, embrace your personal style. Follow these do’s and don’ts and confidently shine on the course and indoors, ready to conquer each swing! Are you ready to take the course? Suit up and join us for an indoor golf league .