Man using golf simulator

Whether you want to practice your swing when the weather isn’t cooperating, or you want to play a famous course that is faraway across the globe, a golf simulator is a must.

The best golf simulators combine eye-catching graphics and software to perfectly imitate a day hitting the links without worrying about weather or getting shut out from overbooked tee times.. Even more importantly, these advanced golf simulators provide data and analysis on all aspects of your game in real time so you can enhance your golf skills.

But which golf simulator is best?
In our humble opinion, TrackMan takes the cake.

Read on to learn more about what makes TrackMan the best golf simulator for every golfer.

Course Variety

Have you ever wanted to try your hand playing the PGA National? What about enhancing your swing on the links where the game was created in St. Andrews? With over 200 to choose from, the TrackMan golf simulator offers some of the best variety of courses available.

The best golf simulator boasts an amazing library of places you can play golf all rendered to the most extraordinary quality down to the finest detail. You’re sure to feel transported to the real course, hundreds of miles away, while you play virtual golf.

Picture-Perfect Graphics

Having hundreds of courses at your fingertips doesn’t mean much if the quality of the graphics isn’t great. Luckily, TrackMan golf simulators take a lot of pride in their visuals. In fact, in 2019 they decided to rebuild the entire simulator from scratch to make it as true to life as possible.

The hyper-reality virtual golf courses aren’t only great to look at, but can also help you improve your game. Choose from more difficult courses and change a variety of settings like daylight to dusk to keep things realistic while you play.

Advanced Software

Who says software has to be boring? We think Trackman is pretty sexy! What makes TrackMan stand out against other golf simulators is its superior software that accurately tracks your golf club and golf ball data.

When you want to improve your golf game fast, you need insights into your game. While it would be cool if you could collect this data on the course, it’s often not possible. The TrackMan golf simulator helps you fine-tune your game in a sim through Shot Analysis and The Test center giving feedback that is actionable and deliverable.

This feedback is instantaneous from TrackMan and you can apply it to your swing in real-time to see how it improves your game. You can also add realistic outside conditions like wind, fairway firmness, green stimp, and more (yes, really!) on the simulator to make sure you’re an expert when things don’t go perfectly on the course outside.

Your friends are sure to be impressed when you show up to the links with an improved swing.


TrackMan is one of the best golf simulators not only because it allows you to practice like a pro, but it also does so much more.
The sim is very user-friendly for novices and experts alike. So whether it’s your first time trying a virtual golf course or you’re committed to improving your swing with practice each week, it will help.

This inclusive solution caters to serious golfers but also includes games that are perfect for family and friends who are just starting out. Making golf fun (and competitive) is a great way to get everyone involved with the game. This means the TrackMan golf simulator is for everyone!

Easily Track Your Progress

Another great thing about TrackMan is how easy it is to keep track of your game. When summer comes around and you’re back on the courses or taking a break, the TrackMan Golf app stores all your data.

You can easily access your stats from a single device every time you play and practice. And next time you use the sim you can pick right back up where you left off. The comprehensive insights on your golf level help you visualize your progress.

Try TrackMan Golf Simulator For Yourself!

There’s a reason the world’s leading coaches and PGA players use TrackMan golf simulators to improve their swing. This versatile sim includes all the qualities that make a virtual game of golf enjoyable and productive.

Experience accuracy, reliability, and ease of use with TrackMan for yourself at Swing Loose Golf. Book a Bay today and try out the best golf simulator to improve your swing!