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Is hitting golf balls good exercise? Get ready to discover some surprising health benefits. Golf isn't just a leisurely stroll—it's a game changer. But hold on, isn't golfing slow and relaxed? Think again! Let’s bust that myth and reveal how golf can give your body a workout it won't forget. We uncover 6 amazing health benefits: from endurance to core strength and show you golf is no ordinary amble. Let’s get fit while having a blast. Grab your golf bag, and let's get on the green!

1. Get Fit From Playing Golf

Did you know golf can boost your cardiovascular endurance? Each swing and step you take contributes to improving heart health. Walking a golf course covers four miles or more, raising your heart rate and enhancing endurance. Add to your golf exercise by carrying your bag for increased body weight. It's like sneaking in a cardio session while enjoying the game! But that's not all.

Do you know how many calories you burn playing golf? The number of calories burned can range from 200 to 500 per hour. As well as burning calories, golf is a masterclass in balance and coordination.

2. Reduced Belly Fat

Looking for a toned midsection? Don’t act so surprised. Golf is a secret ingredient. The swing engages your core muscles like no other exercise. Each swing activates your abs, obliques, and lower back, toning your core. Imagine when you are on the tee and letting your club rip through the air. Your core works hard for power and control.

Golf is also a stress-buster.. Picture lush fairways with sunlight peeking through trees and light chatter with golf buddies.All of this combined relaxes you, reduces stress, and burns belly fat at the same time.

3. Build Muscle

Golf isn't just about finesse — it builds power in your lower body. Each step strengthens your leg muscles. Walking uphill contracts your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. It boosts leg strength, stability, and power over time.

Swing back, then drive forward — your back, shoulders, and arms work hard. With consistent swings, your upper body muscles get toned and firm. Get ready to power up your game and physique!

4. Get Your Steps In

Skip the golf cart and forget the sedentary image of golf. Walking 18 holes covers over four miles, totaling 8,000 to 12,000 steps — comparable to a long hike or brisk neighborhood walk. Enjoy the game of golf while your step count skyrockets.

Walking the course for hours also improves your walking endurance. Most rounds can last four to five hours, and sometimes even longer. This low-impact physical activity enhances your golf game and everyday life. What better way to get fit!

5. Toned Arms

Looking for toned arms and shoulders? Golf has got you covered. Swinging the club engages upper body muscles for a killer workout.

As you grip your club at the tee, your arms, including the biceps and triceps, are engaged. Meanwhile, your shoulders coordinate the movement and generate power. Repeat this with every swing (including all of those practice swings on the course) over time, and you'll have sculpted arms and shoulders.

6. Enhanced Mental Health

Don't overlook the impact of golf on your mental well-being. We mentioned this above but golf is not just about physical fitness; it's a game that exercises the mind too. Stress busting with golf helps lower your cortisol levels, and lower cortisol levels has been shown to be good for weight loss.

When you step onto the course, the fresh air and beautiful landscapes create a sense of calm. Golf demands focus and concentration, helping you shift away from daily pressures and be present in the moment.

And it's not just about relaxation. Golf is a social game that fosters connections and boosts your mood. Whether you're playing with friends or joining a golf club, the laughter and friendly competition create positive social interactions.

But golf goes even further. It teaches patience, problem-solving, and mental resilience. Each shot tests your fortitude, teaching you to stay composed, manage frustration, and stay focused.

Can I still get the same health benefits from Indoor Golf?


It can be hard to make it to the golf course on a regular basis. That’s where Swing Loose Indoor Golf comes in. Our memberships allow you easy access to an indoor bay which means we’ve got you covered at a lowered price for your workout– rain or shine. You can still focus on your core work and arm work when you practice with us, and we have all of the data points that Trackman provides to help you tweak your swing.

We’ve also got you covered on the social aspect with regular golf leagues happening throughout the year. You can always book a bay with your favorite foursome, enjoy some beverages and food (we are BYOB), and watch your favorite game on TV while getting your golf round in on any of our 250 golf courses.The only thing that indoors lacks, is well, the outdoors! For that, you can check out our seasonal outdoor golf range.

Transform Your Body and Mind Through the Power of Golf

You may think golf is just leisure, but it's time to change your perspective. Discover the unexpected health benefits of golf — improved fitness, toned muscles, stress relief, and more. Take control of your well-being, embrace the challenge, and step onto the course both indoors and outdoors with excitement. Stay in shape this summer with the help of one of our fun golf leagues!