If you’re an avid golfer looking to improve your putting skills, or enjoy the game during off-season, golf simulators provide a fantastic solution.

These high-tech systems offer a hyper-realistic golfing experience, from hitting your driver all the way through using your putter. But how does putting work on a golf simulator?

We are asked this question quite frequently, so let’s explore what you can learn when practicing on a golf simulator and provide some TrackMan tips to help you enhance your virtual putting game.

Woman putting at a golf simulator

How Does Putting Work on a Golf Simulator?

When it comes to putting on a golf simulator, the system utilizes various data points to replicate the experience incredibly  accurately.. Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

Radar-based Tracking – TrackMan golf simulators use a dual radar system and cameras to track the movement of your putter and the golf ball. These tools capture the initial speed, direction, and movement of your putter as it strikes the ball, providing this data and much more for the simulator to calculate the shot’s trajectory and distance. Just like in “Shot Analysis”, putting analysis provides multiple data points and video analysis.

Software Data – Sophisticated software algorithms analyze the data to determine the outcome of your putt. These algorithms consider factors like initial velocity, slope, distance, and green speed to simulate the ball’s path and predict where it would end up.

Visual Feedback – Golf simulators present the virtual course and putting green on the projected  screen. As you putt, you can see the ball’s trajectory, speed, and direction, as well as any breaks on the virtual green. The TrackMan 4 equipment calculates the final resting spot of the ball and displays your result.

All of this might sound complicated but as someone using the golf simulator, you don’t have to worry about any of it. All you need to do is putt exactly like you normally would and the launch monitor’s job is to pick up on that data and use it to accurately calculate the distance behind your putt.

Voila, you have actionable data to use to  improve  your putting performance!

In Real Life: Golf Simulator Putting Tips

Golf ball on a tee in a simulator

So, how do you putt on a golf simulator and what tips and takeaways can you use to make the most of your putt? Let’s take a look.

Have a Target

Just like you do on an outdoor course, having a specific target in mind is crucial. Aim for a spot on the virtual green, whether it’s the hole, a break in the green, or a particular distance from your starting point. This target will help you focus and develop a consistent stroke.

Understand the Distance

Pay attention to the distance and slope of your putt on the simulator. Take note of how far you need to swing the putter to achieve different distances and develop a feel for the green. Understanding the distance will help you gauge your stroke’s power and accuracy through muscle memory.

Get Used to Different Greens

Golf simulators often offer a variety of virtual courses, each with its own green characteristics. Spend time practicing on different greens to become familiar with their slopes, breaks, and speed. The TrackMan experience makes this possible with over 250 courses to choose from. Using drone mapping, this technology generates real courses in extremely accurate detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions our team at Swing Loose gets about putting with an indoor golf simulator:

How do golf simulators track the ball?

Golf simulators use a combination of radars and video to monitor the movement of the ball. These technologies capture data on initial velocity, direction, and spin, which is then processed by the simulator’s software to determine the ball’s correct trajectory.

How do you putt with a golf simulator?

To putt in a golf simulator, you’ll want to think of it just like you would on an outdoor green. Focus on your target and execute a proper stroke. However, this time you get instant feedback tailored specifically to you! Pay attention to the feedback given by the simulator and use it to adjust your swing and stance accordingly.

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Putting on golf simulators can be an enjoyable and valuable practice tool for golfers of all skill levels.

By understanding how putting works on these simulators and following the provided advice, you can enhance your putting skills, improve your accuracy, and gain confidence in your putting game.

Are you looking to improve your putting game all season long? Book a bay today or check out our indoor golf simulators at Swing Loose Golf!